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How to set dual app (clone app) in Vivo Y17

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We have sent you a verification email. To verify, just follow the link in the message. Related Stories Google exploring using location info to slow coronavirus spread Apple might launch its location-tracking Tags this year Google adds privacy and security features in Android 11 How to use Apple iCloud on Android smartphones Google removes this feature from Hangouts for Android Google removes one of the 'most-popular app' used by Android smartphone brands.

Google exploring using location info to slow coronavirus spread. Apple might launch its location-tracking Tags this year.

How To Fix Vivo GPS Problem [Methods & Quick Troubleshoot]

Google adds privacy and security features in Android How to use Apple iCloud on Android smartphones. Google removes this feature from Hangouts for Android. Check out for the internet network provided and then, click on the blue location button to track your location. If it is clear, walk out of the house or office and check out for the GPS location again. Although Google Maps is a versatile app that detects your location promptly, it can wobble when the network is not too strong. It will be displayed on the screen when you check the location, there will be a light blue colored circle around a small dark blue color circle.

You can increase the accuracy by stepping out of the building or office.

Toggling seems an effective solution to get things on your phone to start working. To toggle the GPS on your phone, pull down the notification tray by sliding the screen top to bottom and then, tap on the GPS or Location icon which is usually the same in all smartphones irrespective of make and model.

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Now, simply tap on it to turn it off and then, wait for few seconds. Tap on the icon again and kickstart it and then, check if it is working or not. By switching to high accuracy mode, you are actually providing more battery power to your system that will gauge more precise location. You can try it out with the following procedure as mentioned. Any type of interference between the GPS receiver and the satellites will undoubtedly result if some disturbance in the received location. At times, cases and covers that we use to protect the phone from any physical damage can become a hurdle in gauging the accurate location and therefore, you must take it off.

How to Add Contacts on WhatsApp on Android

Similarly, excess cloud cover or if you are in basements or any place with a lot of interference in between can pose a disturbance in the received signal. If you want to improve GPS reception to your phone and sort out inaccurate GPS location, put off your case cover and get in a place with less disturbance like an open space which must be enough for improved signal.

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How to hide photos and videos on Vivo Y17? I had issues with my gear Fit2 watch constantly disconnecting. The 6. Both options have gradient finishes, with the Mineral Blue one fading into a much darker tone at the bottom, and the Mystic Purple doing the same, but at the top. Install a recovery to help you with flashing.

Since it is an app on your phone, it must have a cache which is something problematic and must be cleared. If you are unable to track your location, resetting AGPS is simply worth it.

How Doorstep Works?

Note that even a degree of change if direction will give improper results. Power saving mode is an essential feature nowadays as it lets the user save battery life for when needed. The battery saving mode when enabled managed the battery power expenditure and throttles its usage. It restricts various services that can suck all the juice fast and that includes GPS, Wi-Fi and even sometimes cellular network. This can pose a potential problem when you are trying to access GPS location for any task.

Method 1: Using WhatsApp